Earth Retention Systems

In addition to GSG’s Geotechnical Consulting Practice, and with data from our in-house field exploration and laboratory services, we also provide – primarily for existing clients — earth retention system designs and construction inspection services and for other parties, independent forensic investigations/failure analyses.

Summit Geoengineering Services has performed designs and prepared construction drawings for over 1.2 million square feet of temporary and permanent earth retention systems (retaining walls) since we began offering this service in the mid-1990s.

Geotechnical and Structural Expertise Combined
SGS’s geotechnical expertise is critical for assessing subsurface conditions (i.e., foundation soil properties, groundwater effects, etc.) and performing global stability analyses in soft soil conditions. We utilize our structural expertise to evaluate the soil structure interaction and to design structural components of unique walls. We also provide our clients with suggestions based on our expertise and experience on wall types, site grading alterations/improvements, and the need for further explorations to collect additional geotechnical data for the wall design of global slope stability.

Delivered Services
SGG’s earth retention design services include full contractor shop drawing submittals, responses to engineer reviews, and preliminary quantity estimates. Our geotechnical specialization allows us to evaluate wall construction sites for global stability, and if deemed prudent or required by project specifications, to perform global slope stability analyses. Additionally, our geotechnical expertise enables us to interpret subsurface data from our own explorations or geotechnical reports/exploration logs prepared by others.

For our designs, we utilize NCMA and AASHTO LRFD methodologies. We have developed product specific design programs using Mathcad and Excel spreadsheets.