The Summit Difference

Key elements that make Summit Geotechnical Services (SGS) unique and bring value to our clients include:

Diverse, Value-Adding Exploration Technologies.

SGS invests in a wide variety of exploration equipment and specialized technologies so we can:
Ensure that the right field exploration approach is used to provide the right type of data to our geotechnical experts,
Maintain flexibility to quickly respond to unexpected field conditions, and
Gather the greatest amount of reliable data in the shortest amount of time for any given budget.

Why Does This Matter to Our Clients? Because flexible in-house exploration services and data collection are key to project success. For example, our Cone Penetration Testing (CPT) exploration technology allows SGS to see the “full picture” of subgrade conditions for soft soil sites, which often can result in better geotechnical design solutions. Without enough of the “right-kind” of data; our competitors may be more conservative and therefore, necessarily over-engineer their design solution – adding dollars and time to their client’s project. The SGS approach is intentionally different as we deliver more comprehensive data to our engineers so they can design the safest, most-economical solution for our clients.

Complete Geotechnical Services.

SGS provides broad geotechnical services – from field exploration to laboratory testing to geotechnical consulting and design – so we can seamlessly respond to client needs and schedules without inefficient “hand-offs” or information transfers – saving clients time and money.

Why Does This Matter to Our Clients? Because comprehensive services under one roof maximizes project coordination, communication, and collaboration to ensure quicker, superior solutions. Since projects are often not completed as conceived or planned due to (1) changing client needs and priorities, (2) the accumulation of new information as the project progresses, (3) regulatory/agency decisions, and (4) unpredictable weather conditions, the ability to address these changes is paramount for a successful project. SGS is once again intentionally different – as our flexibility, responsiveness, and adaptability is embedded in the breadth of our services, our structure, and processes, and as an attribute of the people we attract and retain within our company.

Diverse Technical Expertise.

SGS’s ability to collaborate with and include input from other disciplines – civil and structural engineers, architects, and contractors – is of critical importance as these disciplines can directly enhance our geotechnical engineering recommendations and designs.

Why Does This Matter to Our Clients? Because a full understanding of how our recommendations and designs are impacted by (and conversely, how they impact) other design components maximizes value engineering and assures project constructability. Once again, because we are intentionally different – we recognize and appreciate that our work is not done in a vacuum and that our recommendations, designs, and solutions contribute to a larger project effort. Therefore, to the benefit of our clients, we actively coordinate with and acquire input from other technical disciplines to consistently deliver successful projects for our clients.