Laboratory Testing Services

Summit Geoengineering Services (SGS) offers in-house soils laboratory testing services to supplement geotechnical explorations and consulting services for our projects. Soils laboratory testing is performed at the firm’s main office in Farmingdale, ME. This structure enables efficient, reliable data that helps our engineers confidently deliver appropriate recommendations and engineering design solutions to our clients.

SGS is committed to provide accurate and consistent laboratory testing results in conformance with ASTM standards. This is accomplished through investment in staff training, calibrated equipment, and the development and adherence to established testing protocols and ongoing quality control/quality assurance practices. SGS offers a variety of soils lab tests, including the most common and relevant testing procedures related to geotechnical engineering.

SGS continues to expand laboratory testing capabilities to meet the evolving needs of their projects and clients in the future. Please note that construction materials testing is not a service that we provide.

Laboratory Tests Offered

Grain Size w/#200 wash - ASTM D6913
Grain Size w/hydrometer - ASTM D422
Atterberg Limit - ASTM D4318
Standard Maximum Density - ASTM D698
Modified Maximum Density - ASTM D1557
Moisture Content - ASTM D2216
Direct Shear - ASTM D3080
One Dimensional Consolidation - ASTM D2435
Unconfined Compressive Strength - ASTM D2166
Thermal Conductivity by Probe - ASTM D5334
pH & Redox of Soil by Meter - ASTM G51
Laboratory Wenner Soil Resistivity - ASTM G57
Tube Report (Unit Weight/Moisture/Torvane/Description)