• Project Location: Augusta, ME
  • Services Provided:
    • Geotechnical consulting.
    • A combination of test borings with SPT sampling and test pits were performed to investigation the subsurface conditions.

   Project Summary: 

    • The new construction hotel is a 4-story, 120-room building structure with a footprint of 25,000 ft2.
  • Project Challenges / Innovation: 
    • Geotechnical challenges included varying subgrade of shallow bedrock, miscellaneous fill, marine deposits, and glacial till.
    • Slope stability analysis was required for excavations adjacent to Western Avenue and for a 15-foot retaining wall planned atop a 35-foot embankment with steep slopes located near Interstate I-95.
    • Controlled blasting and preload fills were required as part of a 12-foot cut and 12-foot fill used for site development.
    • SGS designed retaining walls include over 400 linear feet of Stone Strong precast blocks with portions having gravity design and portions reinforced with geogrid.