Slope/Stability/Forensic Evaluations & Designs

For land and building owners, we assess existing landslide events and risks, work to determine slide instability causes, and then  develop a practical, cost-effective solution that will resolve the integrity of the slope. Summit Geoengineering Services (SGS) also analyze existing slopes impacting planned engineering projects and design reinforcement options when necessary.

Slope Stabilization Design

We provide temporary and permanent earthwork recommendations to include sheeting and shoring designs. Our geotechnical expertise, coupled with our structural design capabilities, enables us to interpret subsurface data from our own explorations. This allows for efficient, cost-effective, one-stop consulting for our clients.

Landslide Evaluation

We assess landslide events in an effort to determine the cause of the slide, and to develop a viable, cost-effective solution that will restore the integrity of the slope. We also analyze existing slopes involved with engineering projects, including the installation of slope inclinometers to detect and monitor slope movements as we assess and then design reinforcement options when necessary.

Forensic Geotechnical Evaluation

Whether it is old infrastructure beginning to fail, new or worsening settlement, or simply engineering gone wrong, we can investigate the situation, provide an assessment of site conditions, and make recommendations to solve the problem. We provide expert testimony for projects involving claims relative to the above forensic investigations.